Widely Applied to Different Materials: PCB, Plastic, Acrylics,Wood etc.

  • Importing DXF directly or programming  with vision system
  • Suitable for work piece or product need to frequently loading and unloading 
  • Self-Defined  random graphics as calibration data and basis
  • Desktop design, simple and space -efficient 
  • Working Area Maximum up to 340x450mm
For more examples, please click here Practical application example


5 Tools Auto Change & Auto Tool Length Detect

CCD Vision Auto Alignment System

PCB Edge Refining

Engraving Process

PCB Drilling

PCB Cutting-half cutting

PCB Cutting-full cutting

PCB De-panel cutting

Working Area 300 × 450 x 100 mm
Structure X.Y.Z
Max. Speed 800 / 320 mm/sec
Display LCD Screen
Teaching Mode PC
Data Storage PC
Spindle Speed 40,000 rpm
Dimension 1570 × 1570 × 2080 mm
Power AC 110~230 V
Repeatability +/- 0.01 mm/ Axis
Control Motor X.Y / linear motor
X / Y Location Feedback Optical Ruler
Moving Mode PTP & CP
Support Format DXF
Vision System Support Auto Calibration and Self-Defined Graphics.
Working Temp. 10 – 40 °C
Weight 400 Kg